Sosia Media as Media Entrepreneur in the Information Sector (Infopreneur)


  • Haria Saputry Wahyuni ,Zayyin Abdul Quddus ,Resti Dwi Sri


Infopreneur ship, Social-Media, Information Literacy


Social media can play a role in various aspects, one of which is the economic aspect, one of the characteristics of social media is the existence of information transactions, hence the term "Infopreneur". The study in this article aims to examine the perspective of social media as a medium in developing entrepreneurship in the information field "Infopreneurship". From the results of the discussion carried out, it can be concluded that social media can be a promotional media in the field of information, especially those involved in the field of information entrepreneurship or "infopreneurs". Social media which is still related to the development of the development of a technology cannot be separated from human views as Utopia, dystopian and technorealism.