The influence of Experiential Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing and Buzz Marketing in the formation of Consumer Purchase Intention in the JD.ID Marketplace


  • Dinda Kayani Putri Bestari ,Mohd Haizam Saudi ,Obsatar Sinaga ,Antonius Setyadi


Development of technology, Online shopping, Experiential marketing, Guerrilla Marketing, Buzz Marketing


The development of technology is getting faster, it has an impact on the more convenience felt by the community in various aspects of life. Today, the internet has become a necessity that cannot be separated from everyday life. The internet provides many conveniences for people in various aspects of life. The high level of internet use in Indonesia has made changes in people's shopping behavior or habits. Shopping online has become the choice of most people because of the various conveniences offered. One of the e-commerce that is developing quite rapidly to date is JD.ID. The JD.ID company experienced a decline in ranking in Q1 in 2019. Then in Q1 2020 there was an improvement but the current position could not recover as in 2017 in Q4. The increasing number of companies e-commerce, making the competition increasingly fierce between each other. E- commerce companies need to make efforts to remain competitive and survive. This study aims to see, measure and analyze how the influence that is formed from the application of alternative marketing: Experiential marketing, Guerrilla Marketing, Buzz Marketing on perceived quality that has an impact on consumer purchase intention in the JD.ID marketplace. The results of this study showed that experiential marketing, guerilla marketing, and buzz marketing did not have a significant effect on the formation of purchase intention, but did affect the formation of perceived quality in the JD.ID marketplace.