Substructure Design for Leles Market Building: A Case Study


  • Sandy Radhitya Akbar ,Totok Hermawan ,Asep Setiawan


Construction technology, Sefety


Along with the development of construction technology in Indonesia, it is marked with more and more high-rise buildings growing and developing, requires structural experts in the building sector to have Adequate skills in highrise building planning. Therefore, proper planning in a building is a very important thing It is very important to be considered by building structural experts. Sefety is the main factor that must be considered in planning a high-rise building. Both lateral and axial forces must be taken into account so that the structure has resistance to these forces. In Planning of a building, analysis of the forces in the structure is needed to predict the reaction that will occur if the structure of the building is subjected to this style. Analyzing and modeled using software ETABS V13 with reference to data advance planning, just by Pile cap dimensions after redesign are sufficient safe to withstand column axial force factored and still in safe condition in pile group configuration for withstand the bearing capacity of the foundation.