Factors That Cause Difficulty Learning Japanese for Students of Class XI IPA 3 SMAN I Pasawahan


  • Uning Kuraesin


internal and external factors, (KKM), (LKS)


This study aims to determine the internal and external factors that cause student learning difficulties in mastering basic Japanese subjects for student of Class XI IPA 3 at SMAN 1 Pasawahan. The method used in this study is the method of observation, and the population is Class XI IPA 3 SMAN 1 Pasawahan because those who have a class average value below the minimum class standard (KKM). The number of samples used in this study were 31 students consisting of 19 female students and 12 male students. The data collection technique used was distributing questionnaires to determine the factors of student learning difficulties both internally and externally in following Japanese language subjects which were given to all class XI IPA 3 students of SMAN 1 Pasawahan. The results showed that the internal and external factors that cause learning difficulties in Japanese XI IPA 3 SMAN 1 Pasawahan based on the results of the questionnaire that have been submitted, Internal Factors (factors that come from within students) Lack of student interest in Japanese subjects, indicated by at least the number of students who have Japanese language textbooks outside the Student Work Sheet (LKS) given by the school. Lack of students' ability in following Japanese language subjects, this is shown by students who feel that Japanese is not an easy subject, and find it difficult when learning Japanese subjects. External factors (factors that come from outside the student), namely the lack of parents' concern for student learning activities, this is indicated by the lack of parents who remind their children to study, especially Japanese subjects.