Top Post Based on Animo Facebook Social Media Followers PT Mitra Meisou Indonesia As a Means of Promotion of Apprenticeship to Japan


  • Raden Novitasari ,Yulia Maria Esterlina Nanthi


Marketing, Apprenticeship, Facebook,


PT Mitra Meisou Indonesia uses information technology to market its products, in this case offering services to send apprentices to Japan. The most common social media used by PT Mitra Meisou Indonesia to promote the apprenticeship program they offer is facebook. This study aims to find out the type of content that is most liked by followers of PT Mitra Meisou Indonesia's facebook account. The method or ways that the author does is to use descriptive methods. i.e. a method of research through direct observation in the field and data collection from the company. The result of this study is the type of content most favored by followers of PT Mitra Meisou Indonesia's facebook account is the content about apprenticeship information and cooperation programs conducted by PT Mitra Meisou Indonesia.