The Use Of Learning Application To Enhance Toefl Score: Case Study At Sman 1 Rancaekek And Sma Nasional Bandung


  • Ervina CM Simatupang ,Hero Gunawan ,Puspita Sari ,Alvii TB Siregar


Learning activity, TOEFL, English


Learning activity has already changed; mostly affected by information and technology and integrated system. It also occurs in English learning process especially in high school level, since their requirements are quite advanced due to university preparation test which includes English test. Common English proficiency test conducted by university is TOEFL; students should be wellprepared to deal with the test. Industry 4.0 era is promising an interesting experience in the area of education, since technological developments have applied in achieving competency integration. This research purposes to obtain data about the effectiveness of learning application as an online-based learning media to improve English skills related to TOEFL of students at SMAN 1 Rancaekek and SMA Nasional Bandung. The results of this study showed that 52.3% of students have been familiar with learning application to help them completing their assignments. The application used in this research are Listen and Speak, Speak English Picture, Fluent English, Verb English Trainer and iTooch. The number of participants in this research were 106 students. At the end of the training, students received added value by using the learning application. They obtained more modern and up to date information and subject materials that related to their circle. Using application was way more quickly and more detail (clear); students also received information and learning materials in various media formats, as in the form of text, images, and videos. Over all, their English skills slightly developed, especially in listening, grammar and reading. The output of this learning method by using application was their TOEFL score; it increased for 12.8% in average score for all students. It proved that recently learning activity should be supported by integrated system or application to enhance their interest to particular subject, in this case was English.