The Effectiveness Of Japanese Learning Through Anime (Study On Student Of Japanese Language Department Widyatama University)


  • Abdul Latif Jaohari ,Dwinta Nurul


Japanese learners, Anime, questionnaire


Japanese is the second most studied language after Chinese. There are 872,411 Japanese learners in Indonesia. In general, people learn Japanese because they are interested in the language and culture. However, along with the times, learners began to study Japanese for more specific reasons. For example, the reason is because they want to work in Japan or continue their studies in Japan or even because they like anime. Anime is one of the most widely used media by learners to train and develop their Japanese language skills. In addition to its attractive appearance, anime has a light language style that is easy for students to understand. The media used to learn languages also vary, such as videos, music, audio-visuals, images, making it easier to increase their Japanese language skills. In this study, we will discuss the effectiveness of using anime as a medium for learning Japanese in the Japanese Language Department at Widyatama University. The data is taken from the results of a questionnaire consisting of a number of questions related to anime.