Flood Control in Pajang Stowage Tangerang City with Zero Run Off Concept


  • Fuad Hasan ,Arief Rahmana ,Udin Komarudin ,Antonius Setyadi


Human life, Hatta Airport, Existing land


Changing the function of the land from green land to stowage land can increase rain runoff so that it has the potential to become a flood. Flood is a natural phenomenon that can threaten the existence of human life, especially during the rainy season. In the area of Pajang, Tangerang City, south of Soekarno- Hatta Airport, a stowage center with an area of ± 6 Ha will be built. Existing land is vacant land that has not been equipped with a drainage system. Based on the technical principles and policies of the local government related to the urban water system and flood control, it is necessary to find the right solution to minimize the impact that will occur due to the construction of these facilities without disrupting the existing water system. Therefore, a technical study is needed in the form of a Flood Control In Pajang Stowage Tangerang City With Zero Run Off Concept. Based on the analysis that has been done, with the application of the use of retention ponds in the stowage area, it can reduce the impact of flooding so as not to burden the river outside the stowage area.