The Influence of Product Quality and Service Quality on Customer Loyalty of Drinking Water Refill Depot in Bandung City


  • Yenny Maya Dora ,Oktora Yogi Sari ,Intan Widuri Sakti ,Nugraha Saefudin ,Yusep Budiansyah ,Asep Sudrajat


Refill Water Depot, Product Quality, Service Quality, and Customer Loyalty


Along with changes in the behavior of Indonesian people in consuming drinking water, refill drinking water depots (DAMIU) have sprung up like mushrooms in the rainy season. In the midst of quite fierce competition between business actors, Drinking water refill depot (DAMIU). The Corona 19 pandemic has hit Indonesia, this condition has an impact on Refill Depot (DAMIU) business actors. Where consumers are now more careful in buying and consuming products. This is because consumers are afraid of contracting Covid 19 through the products they use/consume. Research is done with the aim to determine the effect of Product Quality and Service Quality on Customer Loyalty on Depot Water Refill in the city of Bandung. The method in this research is the descriptive-verificative method. P Collecting data is done by distributing questionnaires to 100 customers Depor Air recharging. The data obtained were processed using SPSS 25.0. The results of this research show that partially variable product quality is more influential to Customer Loyalty, rather than variable Service Quality and Price. While the simultaneous results of product quality, service quality, and price together have more influence on customer loyalty compared to partial results. This states that while maintaining product quality and continuing to improve service quality and setting competitive prices, where prices are set according to product quality and service quality provided, it will result in customer loyalty for Drinking water refill depotdepot...