Sharia Ownership Concept


  • Ingrid Larasati Agustina ,Rini Susiani ,Mohd Haizam Saudi ,Obsatar Sinaga


Assets, Ownership, Sharia


This type of research is descriptive research. The data used in this study is a literature study and uses qualitative data. Data analysis methods in this study are descriptive analysis, content analysis, comparative analysis, and triangulation. Ownership or al-milk is also known as property rights or just property. The fiqh experts interpret property rights (al-milk) as "a person's specificity towards assets that are recognized by the Shari'ah, thus making him have special power over a property, both utilizing and or managing it". In Islam, there are three elements of ownership, namely private property, public property, and state property. The causes that can make a person have property are work, inheritance, the need for the property to sustain life, giving state assets to the people, and assets obtained without wealth and energy. In addition, ownership has various types, including perfect ownership and imperfect ownership.