Waste-Intensive Work as an Embodiment of Sustainability of Business Entities Owned by Mitra Raharja Village, Ciwaruga Village


  • Andhika Ligar Hardika ,Rini Susiani ,Islahuzzaman ,Supriyanto Ilyas ,Syafdinal ,Paulus Sugianto Yusuf ,Robertus Ary Novianto


Management, Management Unit, Village-Owned Enterprises, Ciwaruga


Community behavior in managing waste is influenced by knowledge and public awareness of the environment to reduce the volume of waste. The waste management unit established in Ciwaruga Village, Parompong District, West Bandung Regency is an alternative for the community to manage household waste. With creative skills and ideas, household waste can be used to add economic value and open up opportunities for people to increase their income. The method used is appreciative inquiry and working out loud. The result is increasing public awareness of the environment with waste management, improving the administrative system and organizational structure of Village-owned enterprises, and empowering the community to add economic value to the use of household waste.