Investigating Simile in Various Song lyrics by Westlife Band


  • Puspita Sari ,Ervina CM Simatupang ,Hero Gunawan ,Alvii TB Siregar


types of simile, implicit simile, explicit simile, meanings)


This research is entitled Investigating Simile in Various Song Lyrics By Westlife Band. The object of research is the simile found in the Westlife song lyrics. The purposes of this study are to determine the types of similes, their meanings and analyze the structure of Simile markers such as "as" or "like" found in various Westlife song lyrics. The method used in this research is descriptive analysis method. This method includes several steps in research such as listening to songs, identifying the types of similes, determining the meaning and structure analysis of simile markers such as "as" or "like", collecting data, analyzing and making conclusions. The theory used in this study is the theory according to Fadaee in his journal according to From ilhague, J.N Hook in Widarso, Feng and Tarigan. The results of this study indicate that there are two types of similes in various song lyrics in the Westlife Band, namely 1. implicit simile types are 29 data (96.6%), explicit simile types are only 1 data (3.3%). 2. The meaning of positive connotation is 21 data (70%) and the meaning of negative connotation is 9 data (30%), and 3 the use of simile markers “like” appears more often in Westlife's album than "as", this is because implicit similes are more commonly found in this album.