The Influence of E-Learning Policies during Covid-19 Pandemic to Student Satisfaction at Private Universities in Bandung, West Java.


  • Ignatius Oki Dewa Brata ,Bunga Indah Bayunitri ,Remon Gunanta ,Roosaleh Laksono T. Y ,Endang Darmawan


Covid- 19 pandemic, E-learning policies


This study discusses how students' experiences and reactions to the current conditions because of Covid- 19 pandemic and infected more than 300,000 people in Indonesia. Breaking the chain of transmission of the Covid19 by the government, especially for the education, is not applied face-to-face in campus rooms, but becoming online lectures in online rooms (in the network). This changed not easy for the University, there must be prepared sufficient network infrastructure and servers. The purpose of this study is how student satisfaction using E-learning policies in Covid-19 Pandemic conditions. University’s managers must be sprightly to change planning and development to support the E-Learning policy. However, this raises concerns for students. Are students ready and alert to conduct E-Leaning properly. So far, only 30 percent of the implementation of E-Learning has been implemented in several universities, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, have been forced to become 100 percent. In this study we focused on changing learning become E-Learning. Our research sample is students who have followed the new model of lectures and new policies, whether it is quite appropriate or not. The results of this study are students are satisfied with the E-Learning Policies that have been carried out by the university manager.