Investment In Improving Human Resources In Improving Indonesia's Development Economy


  • Didi Tarmidi ,Ratna Komala Putri ,Anton Budi Santoso ,Indra Taruna Anggapraja


Low Income Community, Social Interaction, Housing.


The progress of a country is supported greatly by the advancement of Human Resources as an economic, educational, social, political, and scientific driver as well as the economic progress of development. In the presentation "Human Resources Development for Economic Development" Brenda King (Member of the ACP‐EU Follow‐up Committee) and Eric Osei (London Development Agency) mentioned that the Development Economy is very critical in every country and it is influenced by the government directly through serious investments in Education &Training, Manufacturing Industry, Entrepreneurship & job creation, Physical infrastructure, public services, health, R&D, and investment branding. In some of these indicators, Education and Training is the first and foremost factor that gets a serious role.