West Java Trade Diplomacy in Increasing Exports of Micro, Small, And Medium Enterprises (Msmes) In the Covid-19 Pandemic


  • Dwi Fauziansyah Moenardy ,Obsatar Sinaga


Para diplomacy, Trade Diplomacy, MSMEs, Covid-19


During the pandemic, Indonesia experienced a decline in the value of exports. To strengthen again, the involvement of all parties is needed, including the provincial government. To strengthen national exports. MSMEs are one of the driving forces of the regional economy, therefore there is a need for support from the provincial government to encourage MSMEs to enter the global market and have an impact on the export value of the West Java region. This research uses a descriptive analysis method with a qualitative approach. Data collection techniques using the documentation method with data analysis techniques using deductive logic, by comparing the theory behind the problem. From the data collected, it is concluded that the para-diplomacy activities of West Java are supported by trade diplomacy activities in the form of coordinated diplomacy with related Ministries/Institutions, civil groups, and business groups. Able to increase exports of West Java MSMEs during the covid-19 pandemic