5G Network And Health: Does This New Technology Have Any Health Risks?


  • Abraham Orlando Valdebenito Calderón


significant growth, 5G Network,health risks


A documentary review was conducted on the bibliographic production published in Scopus database on the variable 5G Network and its implications in Health, in order to know how the literature on the proposed topic has evolved over the years and the scope that science has used in the study of the behavior of this type of network around the functioning of the human body taking into account the installation of antennas in remote locations. The data for the study are selected from the Search tool provided by Scopus, through the definition of several filters with a total of 348 documents published during the period from 2016 to 2020. In this way, a significant growth of research related to the 5G network and its impact on human health is determined. Once the search parameters were identified, the researchers proceeded to a qualitative analysis of the theories framed in the topic related above to describe the position of some authors regarding the use of this type of network and to define whether there is any risk to health.