Implementation of Health and safety Measures at the Abu Dhabi Police Sector: A Conceptual Framework


  • Abdulla Salem Saif Almazrouei ,Abdulla Salem Saif Almazrouei ,Dr. Muhammad Syafiq Syed


safety policies, health, elaborating applicable, bibliographic


The main goal of putting in place health and safety policies is to minimize the chances of any unpredictable situation occurring and to come up with a suitable set of solutions to deal with it quickly and effectively. Health and safety is critical in all industries, but it is especially important in the police force. It really is a big concern because it is one of the most vulnerable fields when it comes to workplace incidents. Because of the unusual and risky existence of the police force, safety and health have always been a major concern. It's harder to decipher because there aren't any universally accepted health and safety systems in policing, and there's a lot of unpleasant publications. This research focused on two goals. To begin, this research attempted to comprehend the essence of health and safety by elaborating applicable literature using a novel methodology and determining an accurate interpretation. Second, collect the disparate and dispersed literature so that future researchers can easily access it. According to a systematic review, research on health and safety implementation is indeed not only scarce but also scattered. This review uses a content analysis approach, bibliographic analysis, and analysis of top cited journals and researches in the field of health and safety, which is a novel approach. According to the results of this analysis, personnel are the primary cause of injuries, but management is responsible for preventing hazardous situations. As a practice, reflecting on the often difficult lessons of the past will help to ensure a safer future. As a result, remedies to health and safety issues in one country can easily be transferred to other nations, resulting in even greater improvements. The aim of this study is to pave the way for the UAE to develop effective health and safety programs for police departments to reduce the health and safety issues.