Interaction of Green Marketing Mix (GMM) and Pro-Environmental Behavior (PEB) in the Hospitality Industry to Achieve Sustainable Industry Performance (SIP)


  • Bambang Hengky Rainanto ,Abdul Talib BON ,Ani MEKANIWATI ,Jonathan Van MELLE


Green Marketing Mix, Sustainable Industry Performance, Pro Environmental Behavior


The growth in the number of hotels due to the increase in the tourism sector encourages the existence of policies that regulate behavior that supports the environment for hotel stakeholders. This is because the increasing number of the hotel industry in an area will have an influence on the natural environment, socio-cultural conditions of the community, and the economy. This study analyzes the interaction of Pro- Environmental Behavior (PEB) with Green Marketing Mix (GMM) as Mediator to achieve Sustainable Industry Performance (SIP). The study was conducted with 205 respondents with the position of manager or general manager at hotels in East Java Province, Indonesia. To ensure data distribution, one hotel is only represented by one person. The research method was carried out quantitatively using SmartPLS ver.3.0. The results of the study indicate that GMM has a dual role in the interaction relationship with SIP. The first role is that GMM directly has a positive relationship with each component of the SIP indicator, namely: economic, environmental, and social. The second role of GMM is to become a successful mediator as a link between PEB and the three indicators that make up the SIP. The function and role of GMM can be proposed for the hotel industry in the future in creating a sustainable industry.