Analysis Of E-Service Quality, Facilities, And Prices on Customer Satisfaction PT. KCI Bandung


  • Yenny Maya Dora ,Muhammad Gaffar Sucahy ,Nurul Fitria Nur ,Kirana Syahnan Zaphira ,Tanzania Eriza Yuniar ,Rissa Damayanti Widyatama University Bandung – Indonesia


Indonesian Commuter Train, E-Service Quality, Facilities, Price and Customer Satisfaction


The presence of PT. Indonesian Commuter Train (PT KCI) in the Commuter Railway transportation service industry to become the operator of KRL facilities for the mainstay mode of transportation for urban communities for safe, comfortable, and jam-free mobility. However, based on the survey results, it was found that the users of PT. Indonesian Commuter Train (PT KCI) are still not satisfied. Therefore, this research was conducted with the aim of analyzing the factors of the variable e-service quality, facilities, and prices that affect customer satisfaction at PT. Indonesian Commuter Train (PT KCI). The method used in this research is quantitative research with survey research methods. Collecting data by distributing questionnaires to 175 service users of PT. Indonesian Commuter Train (PT KCI). The data collected will be analyzed using the exploratory factor analysis method assisted by the SPSS version 20 program. The results of the data processing show that the dominant factor affecting customer satisfaction is service users of PT. Kereta Commuter Indonesia (PT KCI) from the variables of e-Service Quality, Facilities, and Prices are factors of equipment/furniture, messages conveyed graphically, and payment methods. This factor is from the Facility and Price variables.