The Influence of Leverage Ratio and Growth to Asset on Company Dividend Policy (Empirical Study on Mining Sub-Sector Companies Listed on The Indonesia Stock Exchange 2015-2019)


  • Oleh ,Fitri Sukmawati ,Adrianus Ferryanto M ,Dini Nurfauzi K ,Puji Rahmawati ,Okke Rocmalia ,Alessandro


influence debt, panel fix effect, Mining SubSector Manufacturing


This study aims to determine how much influence debt to equity ratio (DER), and growth to assets on dividend policy as measured by dividend payout ratio (DPR) in mining sub-sector companies. 2015-2019 on the IDX. The analysis method used is a quantitative method with a descriptive approach and the panel fix effect (FEM) data model method. The sample used in this study is the 2015-2019 Mining Sub-Sector Manufacturing company on the IDX. The results showed that debt to equity ratio (DER), and growth to assets have an effect on the dividend payout ratio and the coefficient of determination of 73.16% in the mining sub-sector companies 2015-2019