Information System in Tourism and Culture Services (Disparbud) Majalengka City


  • Parlindungan, S.E., M.T., Ak ,Noval Oktavio Piliang ,Hadian Rahmat ,Gina Nabila Muhajirah ,Farhan Naufal Ghani ,Ajeng Salindri Widia Saraswati information system, Faculty of Engineering, Widyatama University, Bandung, Indonesia


Tourism, Data Processing, Program Application


Tourism and culture are inseparable things, both tourism and culture are very much attached to the requirements of human life, starting from natural tourism and artificial tourism, both local culture and longdistance culture. With the large number of tourists in Majalengka City, the data collection system of the tourism and culture service is still manual which often causes errors and delays in managing visitor data entering each tourism object. To overcome the problems that exist in the tourism and culture office, it is necessary to have a visitor data management system that suits your needs. With this background Practical Work in one of the government agencies of Majalengka City in the field of tourism and culture. The purpose of implementing Practical Work is so that students can apply knowledge during the lecture period in real terms, because what is gained in lectures is not sufficient to gain knowledge about the world of work. In addition, it is hoped that students will get a picture of the world of work before entering the real work world. The research method used is the prototype method. for the design method using PHP Myadmin and MySql. Finally, it is hoped that the system created can solve existing problems and can function properly in the Majalengka City Tourism Office Majalengka City during the work I made the application requested by DISPARBUD.