Lexical Cohesion in Meghan Trainor's lyrics in "TITLE (DELUXE)”


  • Meita L. Sujatna ,Utami Hasna Pratiwi ,Gheananda Nur Iqlima ,Silva Hertiza Pebriana ,Meirika Nurmayanti ,Luly Ayu Sudiarti Widyatama University


Discourse, Cohesion, Lexical Cohesion, Song


Creativity in manipulating language into that of aesthetic value does not entail abandoning clues for the audience to arrive at the intended meaning. The usage of lexical cohesion in the songs in Meghan Trainor's “TITLE” (Deluxe Edition) is one of many examples of how it provides clues and external references that may be relatable to the audience and thus the intended translation. The interrelationship between expressions and meaning mold a uniqueness of the author. This study aims to explore the uniqueness by describing and assessing the lexical cohesiveness in the lyrics. Halliday and Hasan's theory in discourse analysis regarding cohesion played a major part in the research in examining the data with qualitativedescriptive procedures. The results show that there are 253 lexical cohesions in the song lyrics, namely 211 repetitions, 14 synonyms, 12 antonymy, 4 meronymy, 4 hyponymies, and 12 collocations. It can be concluded that the high number for repetition added the functionality of highlighting meaning in addition to literary elements such as rhyming.