Design Of Automatic Cat Feeding Device Using Amazon Deeplens and Arduino Uno


  • Ilham Zidni ,Agung Gumelar Firmansyah ,Mochamad Nurilham Fauzi Kusumah ,Gilang Fadilah ,Muhammad Hafizh Ghibran ,Fitrah Rumaisa


Amazon Deeplens, Arduino Uno, Automatic Cat Feeding


Cats are one of the cutest animals that are human pets. The cat owner has needs that require him to leave his cat at home. The existence of AI camera technology that can learn to distinguish objects such as one of the products from amazon namely Amazon Deeplens, AI technology from Amazon Deeplens allows cat owners to create automatic cat feeders that can reduce the risk of cat stress. The approach method used in making this tool is the Research and Development (R&D) method. R&D is a research method used to produce and test the effectiveness of the product. Based on previous research, this pet feeder has become a good enough solution to give our cat comfort when we can’t feed directly.