Millenial Generation: Quality of Online Services and Prices Offered and Their Impact on Purchase Decisions (Case Study on ECommerce Applications).


  • R. Adjeng Mariana Febrianti ,Brilliant Husnayan Nurzaman2 ,Mochamad Ghiffari Yudha ,Dimas Beryl Rachman ,Zalfa Syahirah Hersa ,Muhammad Miftahun Nazar A


millennial generation, descriptive research, regression analysis


Currently, the presence of e-commerce has become a trend for the millennial generation, where this generation appears simultaneously with technological developments. The presence of technology has shifted a new paradigm in business, initially carried out conventionally then transmission towards digital. Service quality and price are two variables that can influence purchasing decisions, especially in the current millennial generation. This study aims to determine how much influence online service quality and price influence purchasing decisions. This study uses a quantifiable approach with descriptive descriptive research using the method of regression analysis using SPSS 25. The technique used in this study is multiple linear regression analysis using a sample of 115 students selected incidentally. The results in this study obtained a score of 64.2% which affects purchasing decisions, while the remaining 35.8% is another variable that is not discussed in this study. This study emphasizes the importance that to gain a competitive advantage in e-commerce competition, the service variable is an important factor to provide satisfaction to consumers.