Employee Performance Impact of Work Discipline, Competency and Motivation


  • Dede Hertina, Kamaludin, Rayasih Chandra Elhani Widyatama University, Bandung – Indonesia


Job discipline, competence, motivation and employee performance


The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of motivation, compensation, and communication on employee performance. The population in this study were Yakes Telkom Area Regional Jawa Barat, amounting to 45 people using purposive sampling totaling 30 people. The research method used is descriptive analysis of quantitative research forms and multiple linear regression analysis. The data obtained through distributing questionnaires to employees. The hypothesis proposed in this study is that motivation, compensation and motivation have a significant effect on employee performance productivity either simultaneously or partially. The results of this study indicate that motivation, compensation, and communication have a positive and significant effect on the employee performance of Yakes Telkom Area Regional Jawa Barat.