Indonesians' Belief in Malaysian Medical Tourism


  • Trie Damayanti ,Susanne Dida ,Dadang Rahmat Hidayat ,Sung Kyum Cho


Medical Tourism, beliefs, testimony, judging


This article aims to try to understand the determining factors of how Indonesians believe and trust the competence, values, and beauty factors of The Malaysian region in the medical tourism industry. In this exploration, this study tries to explain how Indonesians build reality about beliefs in functional, normative, and aesthetic dimensions that become the basis of their belief in sympathetic dimensions in this case positive behavior of Indonesians in Malaysia. This study uses qualitative approach by using social construction of reality as a theory that guides the explanation of the development of reality in such beliefs. Informants used as many as six people who are Indonesians domiciled in Medan and Pekanbaru. The findings show that Indonesians have confidence and confidence in Malaysia's competence in the field of medicine judging by the ability of doctors, and the use of medical devices. Mastery of administrative services and health services also surfaced, in addition to the ability to provide information became the point revealed in this study. Another point is seen in the modernity of the city which is the character of the country's progress. The determining factor of this belief is the experience of others delivered as a statement that is believed to be true, personal experience is also another determinant especially in terms of testimony to the beauty and public diplomacy will affect how the emotions and perceptions of Indonesians are formed. This perception that shapes how Malaysia’s country image is in the minds of Indonesians. The implication of this study is the importance of maintaining a positive traveler experience because it is this positive experience that will determine how perception is formed.