Adaptive Capacity of Health Care System to Tsunami Disaster Impact Reduction in Sundanese Strait, Indonesia


  • Moses Glorino Rumambo Pandin, Christrijogo Sumartono Waloejo, Rakotoarimanana Zy Misa Harivelo, Wardah Tahir, Namenya Daniel Naburi


Adaptive capacity, health care system, Tsunami, Impact reduction, Sundanese Strat


The Tsunami disaster in 2018 was the first and the biggest disaster in Banten Province, but preparedness in the response to the health crisis was still lacking, even though in an emergency response situation the disaster management carried out was quite good. The method of research for the study was based on data reports that include quantitative and qualitative methods. Analyzing health facilities and the impacts that occurred in the field during the tsunami period is the basis for this article followed by discussion of describing problems that can be anticipated in the future.