The Increasing Role of Children Protection Institutions to Assist in Dealing with The Law During the Covid-19 Period.


  • Supardi ,Beniharmoni Harefa ,Aji Lukman Ibrahim ,Astri Astari ,Alfa Fitri


Children protection, Indonesia, normative juridical


Children protection in Indonesia is performed by families, the state, society, and the related institutions. The main instrument is regulated in Law No. 35 of 2014 concerning Children Protection and is realized by the establishment of the Children Protection Institution. However, there are obstacles in its implementation that require institutional optimization efforts to run effectively. The institution in Indonesia faces several obstacles in performing its duties, such as the uneven distribution in all regions, the lack of understanding and public participation, and others which will be explained further. The institution's optimization can be performed by making comparisons with countries that have the best children’s protection in the world in terms of the methods used. Therefore, this research used a normative juridical method, including a statutory and a comparative approach.