Pangadereng in Pappaseng Nenek Mallomo as A Local Historical Marker in Sidrap Regency, South Sulawesi.


  • Muhammad Bahar Akase Teng ,Firman Saleh ,Muhammad Hasyim


philosophy, primary sources, Nenek Mallomo, pangadereng


This study aims to analyze the term of philosophy of history, it is developed by utilizing secondary sources apart from primary sources in the form of data obtained from the informants in Sidrap Regency. The purpose of this research to find out that Nenek Mallomo is an honest and fair role model. Nenek Mallomo is known as a scholar, statesman, and king’s advisor whose thoughts became the concept known as pangadereng which then metamorphosed into a basic pattern of governance in Sidrap Regency. The second characteristic of lempu'E nasibawai tau’ (honesty coupled with devotion), Acca nasibawaii Ada tonging namatike (cleverness coupled with words truthfulness which is full of vigilance).