Women Narratives: An Analysis of Iraqi War Victims’ Language of Peace




warring homeland, sampling technique, Iqraqi war


This paper explores the views and experiences of Iraqi women in a warring homeland filled with perpetual conflicts and bloodshed. It has examined the language of peace embedded in the narratives. It argues that the language of peace could cultivate goodwill in society communications if priority is given. Additionally, the paper highlights the importance of positive words to empower the ordinary during the war and establish the spirit of peace. Therefore, a purposive sampling technique has been utilized to interview with a focus group of five female postgraduates. The outcomes revealed a series of insights into the language of peace. Data has been analyzed via a discourse of analytical approach. Findings show that the participants demonstrate specific perceptions and feelings that reflect and embrace peace despite the terrifying episodes of violence these females had encountered in Iraq. As a result, harmonious communication between diverse speakers helped boost positive and profound interactions, and implant the essence of humanity in the face of conflict. Finally, this paper delineated several recommendations for future research to promote the concept of peace utterances in society.