The Upgrading Of Islamic Banks Begins With Their Naming and Then Their Dealings


  • Ali Abdulkader Ahmed ,Muntasser Hasan Mohammed ,Khalaf Mohammed Allaw
  • Ali Abdulkader Ahmed ,Muntasser Hasan Mohammed ,Khalaf Mohammed Allaw


Islamic banks, religious diversity, recommendations


The research dealt with the most important risks that face Islamic banks, namely the risk of naming and dealing. To solve the problem, these risks were highlighted as an essential stage for the advancement of Islamic banks through an extensive study of a sample of Islamic banks in countries that possess religious diversity in order to produce accurate results. The results were supportive of the meaning of the research. Therefore, changing the name of Islamic banks to non-interest banks was one of the most important recommendations of this study, because usury is forbidden for all religions, and therefore will attract adherents at least from different religions, in addition to tightening control over banking transactions, as it affects the Islamic community mainly because it is considered the financial interface of Islamicsociety