Civil responsibility arising from terrorist operations. A comparative study


  • Waseem Jabbar Ibrahim AL-shammary Department of Community Health, Health and Medical Techniques College of Kufa, Al_Furat Al_Awsat Technical University, 31003 Al-Kufa, Iraq.


Civil responsibility ' terrorist operations


Is terrorism and terrorist operations of most important And most phenomena dangerous in human societies what caused This phenomenon of a serious breach of security and safety of Individuals communities and what produced this violation of the Serious damage caused to individuals and property alike , and it Gave the terrorist operations of legal problematic put general Legal rules of civil liability and , in some cases , is able to meet The needs of the community it is hoped the protection that these Rules achieved when applied to non-terrorism cases , as in the Case of research on the availability of the conditions required by Law for the establishment of civil liability or when the claim for Damages resulting from terrorist operations, and that the Perpetrator is often unknown or identify the person responsible For indemnity damages.