Analyzing Classroom Interaction between Teacher and Student Using Systematic Observation


  • Mohammed Saad Jebur, Jasim Saleh Majon, Moheb Hamid Raja, Abdulkareem Mahmood Ahmed


analysis, class interaction, Systematic observation


The purpose of this study is to identify how to use systematic observation as an important way of analyzing interactive behaviors between the teacher and the student. Moreover, it tries to reveal the approved teaching method (direct and indirect) and the ratio of each to the other, and the role of each in enhancing the educational process. It is applied to a group of teachers Physical education for study Q in the city of Samarra and their number (NO: 12 80%) teachers, using (A. mae Timer) system for organized objective observation program. The study concluded to adopt direct teaching in teaching skills and the rules of games and the following roles regularly, in addition to being an honest tool for analyzing the teaching process and discovering its strengths and weaknesses. objective observation must be adopted as a tool to analyze the teaching process, and objective observation should be adopted in different studies to arrive at strength points. The weakness in the teaching process, and also that the objective analysis of teaching gives a clear picture of the teaching behavior.