The Efficiency of Private Hospitals Services in the City of Hilla, Using Geographic Information Systems Technology (GIS)


  • Ameera Mohammed Ali Hamza Al-Asaadi ,Lamia Fuleih Ibrahim Suleikhi ,Jawad Kadhim Obaid


hospitals services, Babel Governorate, human settlements


Many researches and studies have dealt with the importance of planning services in the city mainly for the development and growth of the urban environment, as a minimum of these services must be provided, which is considered a place of stability for the population, who consider the most important dimension in the development of modern and human settlements. It highlights the seriousness of the disparity and inconsistency in the distribution of (private hospitals) and their services provided to the population between the different neighborhoods of the city in size and density, which transcend to the districts and areas of Babel Governorate. This research deals with the study of the efficiency of private hospitals services in the city of Hilla, knowing the factor are which affecting on the level of service provided, with the development of a comprehensive database for private hospitals and their multiple services, using (GIS) technology. Which contributes to building a base capable of continuously updating according to health and population variables, and by relying on a questionnaire form to determine the efficiency of the services provided in each of them.