Development of "Product Design" Learning Based On Kkni through Creative Industry Students


  • Fatma Tresno Ingtyas, Dina Ampera, Siti Wahidah, Anwar Soleh Purba, Bakhrul Khair Amal


Development of learning tools, Product Design, Creative Industry


Product Design is a new subject that is compulsory in the Department of Family Welfare Education, so that all of these courses must be in the Fashion Design Education Study Program, Catering Education, Cosmetology and Nutrition Education. The discussion of a quality learning process in accordance with the curriculum is conducted intensively, but the reality in the field shows that there are not many lecturers who want to practice when conducting lectures. Students view the material as too theoretical, giving no contextual examples. Creative learning has a strategic position in developing student competencies, both technical competence (hard competence) and entrepreneurial skills (softcompetence). This study aims to develop a product design learning tool to enhance the creative industry, including, Product Design Guidebook, Semester Program Design, teaching materials, learning methods, and evaluation of learning outcomes, which can develop creative industries. Learning material needs to be designed by focusing on joint exhibition activities (creating or creating products both goods and services in accordance with the study program) that emphasize character, assignment or project-work learning methods, and evaluation of learning outcomes need to apply performance evaluation techniques by emphasizing evaluation processes and products. This research is a development research; with the instruments used are questionnaires and interviews. Data were analyzed using qualitative descriptive analysis techniques and quantitative descriptive statistical analysis. The results of this study are: (1) the existence of a product design guide book on the family welfare education department that is validated and suitable for student use. It is expected that there will be a Product Design Guidebook to improve the creative industry which is measured from the effectiveness of the experts and validators of learning design, so that the character of the student creative industry.