A Geographical Investigation for the Efficacy of Health Services in Al-Mishkhab City


  • Dhurgham Khalid Abdul Wahhab Abo-Gulal, Ahmed Judy Hammoud University of Kufa/Iraq


Efficiency, City, Al-Mishkhab, Services, Health


The study tackles the effectiveness of health care in Al-Mishkhab city from a geographical perspective. Its goal is to determine the population development and expansion, as well as the reality of the geographical distribution of primary health care centers in Al-Mishkhab city for the year 2020, and to assess their efficiency and insufficiency according to standards. The results of the research revealed that there is an accelerated growth of the city population due to its being an attractive population area, especially from the neighboring rural areas, which contributed to the growth of urban slums, making it difficult to meet the needs of the city residents for health services. The reality of the distribution, by analyzing the standard distance and the nearest neighbor, showed that the health centers represent the actual concentration point for both primary health care centers in the city. By measuring the functional efficiency, it was found that the city suffers from a clear deficit and deficiency in the health service after conforming to the Iraqi.