The Impact of Social Media Platforms on Travel Decision Making


  • Zuhier Abbas Azeez


Social media platform, Tourism Knowledge, products and services


Social media platforms have radically changed the tourism sector, reformulated tourism concepts and established a tourism world that could be figuratively entitled "Tourism Knowledge". All that has been achieved through the features and benefits of social media which contributed to the dissemination of tourism information in various social media platforms. The impact of the use of social media platforms in travel-related decision making has become so clear recently as a result of the multiplicity and diversity of those platforms that are helping in meeting the needs and desires of the tourists. In fact, social media has facilitated the travel decision before, during and after the trip through the guiding information, ideas, opinions and experiences of families, friends, acquaintances and colleagues shared over these media that tourists are collecting and using to aid in their tourist activities, then sharing their own travel experiences and evaluating them with all the pros and cons related to products and services involved.