Social Media impact in Tourism sector


  • Zuhier Abbas Azeez


Marketing tourism services and products, social media, tourist's life


Due to their significance derived from the features and benefits they offer in marketing tourism services and products, social media has become part of the tourist's life through uploads of photos and videos that help the tourist make his or her travel-related decision, changing his tourism behavior. Social media are therefore regarded as modern marketing tools that have dramatically changed the way of finding the tourism information that tourists need, convincing him or her on what travel-related decisions they should make, in addition to deciding on the tourism activities they intend to conduct in places of tourism attraction. Accordingly, tourism companies are more and more depending on social media in presenting their services in a way intended to attract the tourist, providing them with many tourism related options. Hence the endeavor we made through the field study that we conducted on a number of tourism companies in the city of Baghdad, where 40 questionnaire copies were handed over to senior and middle administration staffers at those companies, with the result gained being in line with the core of the study.