Psychological Immunization for School Students in Facing Extremist Ideology


  • Nawfal Abbas Karim


Psychological immunization, extremist thought, educational system, Intellectual extremism, psychological formation


The current study aims to identify “psychological immunization for school students in the direction of extremist thought.” The research covered three axes, namely (defining psychological immunity and achieving it in the individual's thought, defining extremist thought, its causes and methods of treatment, and the role of educational institutions in building psychological immunity). The research give many suggestions and recommendations that may be useful in treating this phenomenon. The study problem and its importance. The starting points of the educational system are based on a basic foundation, which is the upbringing of an educated and conscious generation that is aware of the importance of dialogue and moderation in ideas. Hence, the educational institution that was mandated to form the awareness of children and students about anything from the primary stage to higher university education has taken on playing an important role in education and indoctrination of knowledge and skills. And the values and patterns of human behavior in the prevailing societal hibernation. In this context, educational institutions bear a major responsibility in confronting extremism in all its forms, including intellectual extremism that is based on a deviant religious belief that basically leads to intellectual terrorism and unjustified violence. Segments of society and they are students of secondary education because they are the segment is mostly affected by misconceptions and ideas due to the psychological formation at this critical age stage.