Teacher Competencies in the Implementation of the Economics Curriculum in High Schools


  • Neti Budiwati


Ineffective implementation, competence and commitment, Research Questionnaire, Higher order thinking skill (HOTS)


This research is motivated by the ineffective implementation of the 2013 curriculum. This is related to the low competence of teachers who are not accustomed to translating the curriculum that will be developed in learning. The purpose of this study was to describe the competence and commitment of economics teachers in implementing the actual curriculum in the classroom. The participants in this study were 60 economics teachers drawn from 60 state senior high schools in the Greater Bandung area, each represented by 1 teacher. The research method used is quantitative in the form of a survey with data tools in the form of a Research Questionnaire, using a 7-point Likert scale model; and b) Determination of Scale Value. The results showed that the effectiveness of the implementation of the high school economics curriculum was effective; the competence of high school economics teachers is said to be good; and the pedagogic competence of high school economics teachers is good with one of the competencies lacking, namely the evaluation implementation aspect so that training is needed to improve it, especially the ability to develop higher order thinking skill (HOTS).