Tolerance in the Frame of Religious Diversity (Islam and Christianity) In the Karo Community in Tigabinanga District, Karo Regency


  • Junita Setiana Ginting ,Robert Sibarani ,Edi Sumarno ,Nina Karina


Republic of Indonesia, religion diversity, Karonese community


A peaceful and harmonious life is a manifestation of the motto of the Republic of Indonesia as a unitary state, "Bhineka Tunggal Ika". "Bhineka Tunggal Ika" aspires that, despite the differences in life, the country must remain united. In this case, differences are not a barrier to keep interacting in communities or groups, but instead, act as a strong bond between individuals in communities. This motto is manifested in the Karonese community in Tigabinanga District, Karo Regency, as a community with diverse religions such as Protestant, Catholic, and Islam. Despite the differences, conflicts related to religion or beliefs do not occur, especially when Islamic villages were formed in this district. Social or religious conflicts has never happened to this day. The harmony comes as a result of the existence of kinship ties and values held by each member of the community, guiding these relationships so that a sense of tolerance and harmony emerges and is maintained. This paper aims to explain the local culture existing in the community, creating harmony amid the religion diversity. The discussion starts from the general description of the community in Tigabinanga District, to religious tolerance in the Karonese community in Tigabinanga District, Karo Regency.