The Representation of Indonesia Woman: Critical Discourse Analysis in Political Speech


  • Alemina Br. Perangin-angin ,Robert Sibarani ,Dian marisha Putri ,Tasnim Lubis ,Zurriyati A. Jalil


Qualitative content, Indonesian Solidarity Party, fate of women, sentence structure


This research attempts to investigate the idelogy contained in woman’s political speeches as a party leader. A lot of research has been done relating to political speeches delivered by men, but very little research addresses women's speeches, because only a few women are involved in politics. This study tries to examine the representation of women in displaying their rights that are delivered by women party leaders. Qualitative content analysis was utilized as the research design. The sources of data were taken from speeches delivered by Grace Natalie the leader of Partai Solidaritas Indonesia (PSI) or the Indonesian Solidarity Party. The data were in the form of sentences and analyzed through the theory proposed by Van Dijk. Having been analyzed, it shows that political speeches were delivered as women’s speech representations to promote equality of women and to solve problems experienced by women. Then, it also illustrates the party struggle for the fate of women in Indonesia. In relation to the analysis of macrostructure, superstructure, and microstructure, the speeches can be used as a means for opinion formation, media for campaigning through diction, sentence structure, and style so that it is easy to influence listeners.