Performance Model of the Guro-Guro Aron Drum in the Context of Culture and Tourism in the Karo Community


  • Frida Deliana ,Robert Sibarani ,Bebas Sembiring


guru-guro aron drum, ethnographic methods, culture and tourism


Model Gendang guro-guro aron drum performance in the context of culture and tourism in the Karo community. Applied Product Research. This journal will discuss the Gendang guro-guro aron performance model in the context of culture and tourism in the Karo community. Another objective is to design and design a performance model for gendanguro aron drums in performing arts to be used in performing performances for culture and tourism. And this research contributes to support government programs and activate the wisdom of Indonesian local culture. To achieve this goal, ethnographic methods are used participatory observation by going down to the event are a guro-guro aron drum, to do interviewed by determining the key informants, namely the gendang guro-guro aron drum actors and karo community traditional leaders and users or participants. From the research results, it is found that the performing art model of the gendang guro-guro aron una drum is the implementation of culture and for its implementation for the needs of tourism. Socialization It is highly recommended that this research be continued in order for the Karo community to socialize the model and performance of the guru-guro aron drum tradition.