Customer Legal Protection: Resolution of Online Purchase Disputes Based on Non-Governmental Organization in Ternate, Indonesia


  • Rusdin Alauddin ,Muhammad Taufan B ,Husen Alting ,Fauzan Hanafi


Empirical normative research, legal protection, preventive and repressive


This study has a goal to highlight the resolution of online sales and purchase disputes that commonly occur due to errors in transactions between sellers and buyers online. Applying empirical normative research, this study used statutory regulations as a reference for law in book and law in action by examining and comparing what is written in the law and what applies in society. Descriptive-qualitative approach was used in this study. There are two kinds of legal protection, preventive and repressive. Preventive protection prevents disputes from occurring. Meanwhile, repressive protection aims to handle disputes through court and non-court. This study was applied in Indonesia, and legal protection is provided for consumers of electronic transactions. People are still afraid of resolving their disputes through litigation, which is likely to be convoluted. Online dispute resolution is a solution for dispute resolution between consumers in online sales and purchase transactions. The concept of online dispute resolution based on nongovernment organization is a new solution for online sales and purchase dispute resolution between online buyers and sellers in Ternate with technology as an alternative to dispute resolution, such as Online Mediation, Online Arbitration, etc., which can facilitate consumers to obtain justice and legal certainty without distance, time, and cost constraints.