Dominant Value in Pantun of Malay Customary Marital in Batu Bara


  • Rozanna Mulyani, Robert Sibarani, Zurni Zahara Samosir, Dedy Rahmad Sitinjak


Batu Bara, qualitative and quantitative method, Malay society


The aim of this paper is to describe the dominant values in customary marital Pantun of the Malay society in Batu Bara. The approach used in this study is the sociology of literature so that it can reveal what values are in the Pantun. The methods used are qualitative and quantitative method and analyzed with the socio-literary approach to find out what values are in the Pantun. Through the quantitative technique, the data will be analyzed again to find out the dominant values in Pantun. The values that will be analyzed in the customary marital Pantun of Malay society in Batu Bara are cultural values, moral education, religious values, and social values to be analyzed in order to find out the most dominant values that exist in pantun