The Importance of ICT In the Transmission of Ecological Learning in The Primary Education in Morocco.


  • Sofia Rachad ,Lahcen Oughdir


beneficial uses of ICT, information communication technology, ICT sector


  • The ICTs [Information & Communication Technologies] modify the teacher-student pedagogical relationship and change the relationship to knowledge. Devauchelle -2012- admits that digital technology can not only reinforce the motivation it induces in the learner, but also has other effects. 'Klein' declares that "Beyond this happy, indirect, psychological effect, digital technologies -in their pedagogical uses- are fully-fledged learning tools and profoundly modifying the strategies of pupils for learning and of teachers for teaching "(Klein, 2013). Many teachers who begin to interest in ICT would like to integrate them as tools to support their masterful approach (Guay, 2002). Indeed, the present study consists in highlighting the utility of ICTs in ecological learning within primary education. The critical analysis of this research and the results obtained allows us, however, to say that ICTs can lead to the development of skills in environmental matters. Moreover, regarding their importance and their beneficial uses, the majority of schoolchildren wish to have access to these tools.