Implementation of Sharia Banking System in Indonesia.


  • Andi Muhammad Yasin ,Renny Supriyatni ,Isis Ikhwansyah ,Etty Mulyati


financial system in Indonesia, banking system in Indonesia, banking software


Islamic banking is one of the studies contained in Islamic economics which has progressed quite rapidly. Islamic banks are banks that run an operating system based on the principles of Islamic law. These principles have been regulated in the Quran and Sunnah. Islamic banks apply Islamic banking principles from the start of the bank's establishment, initial capital, management and profits obtained by the bank. On this research will use descriptive data analysis method, namely data obtained from article data, secondary data, books, and several reports of previous research results related to this research. Furthermore, the form of data collection method used is using literature study, which is an activity related to the data set in the library by recording, reading and processing the data in the form of research. Data analysis used in this study is deductive analysis, namely analyzing data from the author, and referring to conclusions or all forms of material... The results of this study indicate the basic principles of Islamic banking, namely free maghrib (maysir, ghahar, haram, usury, and batil), trust and prudence in the management of Islamic banking, as well as the principles governing contracts. Furthermore, the development of these principles in Indonesia.