Giving Ulos in Toba Batak’s Sari Matua Traditional Ceremony


  • Jamorlan Siahaan ,Robert Sibarani ,Asni Barus ,Asriaty R. Purba


widow or widower, Bataknese culture


Sari matua refers to a ceremony which is specifically held for a deceased male/female whose children are still single and giving ulos significantly marks the ceremony. The ulos type is specific and given to a widow or widower who dies. The study is descriptive and aims to find out the ceremony procedures as well as the ways of giving ulos. The study is significant in order to make inventory of giving ulos which consists of local wisdom and to preserve Bataknese culture for national strengthening. The results show that there are twenty four sheets of ulos and male and female participants should wear headbands during the ceremony which combines mourning and joyful atmospheres. The participants giving ulos are grouped into hulahula, tulang, tulang rorobot, bina tulang, bonaniari, mataniari binsar, hulahula Na poso, and hulahula na marhamaranggi parties and each party gives different ulos. The jambar must be conveyed to all hulahula in accordance with the agreement at the time of the king's joy deliberation for consensus. Then words of consolation come from dongan sahuta, and the last words are uttered by mangampu hasuhuton (answer the grieving party).