Bandung Mcdonalds Fast Food Customer Satisfaction with the Instructional Geocaching Environemntal Based Problems


  • Syakieb Arsalan, Dini Verdania Latif Faculty of Economics and Business, Widyatama University, Bandung
  • Obsatar Sinaga Padjadjaran University
  • Mohd Haizam Saudi Faculty of Economics and Business, Widyatama University, Bandung


Self-Ordering Machine, customer satisfaction, performance, industrial revolution 4.0


In this era of industrial revolution, companies must innovate to improve company performance. The use of Self Ordering Machines is still a new innovation in the fast food restaurant business, especially in many developing countries. This machine is in accordance with customer needs in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0. Customers demand companies to provide quality services. Quality service will give satisfaction to customers. This study aims to determine the level of customer satisfaction using the Self Ordering Machine. This research is descriptive research. To determine the level of customer satisfaction, researchers used a questionnaire with respondents are customers of fast food restaurants Mc Donald in Bandung, Indonesia. The results showed that customers were satisfied in using the machine. The machine can make it easier for customers to place orders and can provide convenience. However, some respondents think that the machine has not provided the facility to create a new menu, according to the customer's wishes. In addition, customers believe that machine maintenance activities must be carried out regularly to avoid machine damage resulting in ordering errors.