The Influence of Geographical Information System and Experiential Marketing on Interest in Watching Virtual Concerts during A Pandemic (Survey of Generation Z in Bandung City)


  • Annisa Lisdayanti Management Department, Faculty of Economics and Business, Widyatama University


Geographical information system, experiential marketing, repurchase interest, virtual concerts


More than one year, worldwide faced with the Covid-19 Virus. The pandemic that occurred because of this virus resulted in many restrictions on activities in the community, including entertainment activities such as watching music concerts. Musicians around the world started losing job offers at the start of the pandemic. Organizers of music events and artists began to think about how to carry out these activities. People as music lovers feel the longing for live concert activities during the pandemic; virtual concerts are an alternative answer to anxiety, especially for Generation Z as music lovers. This research was conducted to find out how the experience of virtual concert goers towards the interest in watching virtual concerts again in the future; a survey was conducted on Generation Z in the city of Bandung. Additionally, the study has also investigated the role of geographical information system on the interest in watching concerts. The research design is descriptive and verification, with a sample of 120 respondents, namely community groups born from 1995 to 2005, who have watched virtual concerts. The results showed that experiential had an effect of 35.1% and the rest was influenced by other variables not examined. The results of the study showed that the geographical information system results in greater change in watching the virtual concerts as compared to the experiential marketing.